The spiritual path is a blissful and scary one.  It takes courage and time to connect with God and self, and is best done in silence and solitude.  I invite you to discover the all-encompassing healing power of inner stillness.

  I offer my loving guidance and companionship to you as a spiritual director and retreat leader.   My gifts of intuition, inner stillness and soul connection will assist you in your journey toward God and peaceful acceptance and love of self and others.

As a retreat leader I provide a safe space to explore your spiritual life and relationship with God, yourself and others. Silence and solitude, prayer and awareness, time together and time apart, allow you to experience the divinity within.  The offered prayers and meditations will help you to grow closer to God in your day-to-day life and assist you on your spiritual path.

As a spiritual director I create a loving and safe space-one on one-to explore your most intimate relationship in life: your true self in God.  It is my honor and joy to be a guide on the spiritual path to many people in three countries.

Being grounded in the Christian faith, I invite people from all walks of life and all faiths.   I feel blessed to be able to welcome people where they are in their spiritual journey.