About my Work

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)

IMG_8365Silence is not just the absence of “noise” around us; it is a connection with God beyond words and a quality of peace and detachment from the inner and outer world. To enjoy inner peace takes prayer, meditation and spiritual discipline. Once we have learned how to be silent, we will be able to connect with God more easily and enjoy this peaceful connection in all we do.

Contemplative retreats help us achieve this. Many of us are aware of moments when we are truly awake to the beauty of our lives; those moments when we feel most connected to God. What we don’t know is how to be present to such moments more often. Others have lost that connection and yearn for it. If we learn how to be present to the mystery of our lives as they are, we will be more joyous and able to grow deeply into our faiths.

We all need some time away from our daily lives to see more clearly what it is we need to change, to grow into the selves God created us to be. A contemplative retreat gives us  the rest we need and the connection to God , ourselves and others.

My first goal during a retreat is to create an atmosphere of trust, love and intimacy, so everyone feels comfortable about sharing intimately. In such an atmosphere, connecting with God, ourselves and others happens in a miraculous way. Sharing with each other — and being silent with each other — helps us to heal and integrate what has disturbed our life energy.

We all are mirrors of what is going on in our lives. If we open up to this truth and look carefully at what we see in others, we can save years of therapy and pain. If we are open to the fact that we “can see the speck in our friend’s eye but don’t notice the log in our own eye,” we can start healing in unexpected ways.

Bringing silence and peace to your mind and helping you to listen to God within is the main focus of my work. It is where true healing begins.