“I have had the privilege of being part of multiple retreats led by Bettina Schuller. Each one has had a profound positive impact on my spiritual growth! I have enjoyed each retreat and I eagerly watch my email for the next opportunity under her leadership. I find Bettina to be very much in tune with the Holy Spirit with a leadership style that is always informative, compassionate, gentle and fun.  Her relaxed, confident manner is soothing and she models dependence on and staying in the flow of the Holy Spirit’s guidance!” – Sherry L. Somerville, Brunswick, Georgia

“As a retreat leader, Bettina brings a quality of genuine caring to the experience.  Deeply intuitive and discerning, she is aware at all times of the group’s need and the needs of each individual within the group.   The activities and materials she chooses for her retreats deal with developing and celebrating the contemplative nature in all people and specifically in discovering what works best for each of us.  I can highly recommend any Centering Prayer group or retreat that she leads.” -Shari Layne, St. Petersburg, Florida

“Bettina Schuller manifests the spirit of peace and compassion that is at the heart of the contemplative endeavor. She has been an inspiration to me and to a number of my friends and family.  I found Bettina a highly competent leader, one able to help people new to contemplative practice get established in it, as well as able to help more mature practitioners deepen and broaden their spiritual lives. As a long-time meditator and frequent retreat attendee, I was greatly impressed with Bettina’s capacity to create a warm, quiet, supportive atmosphere with well-designed activities that helped us all feel comfortable with going deep within and sharing intense experiences. She is truly a wonderful human being and I highly recommend her spiritual leadership.” – John Eden, Jesup, Georgia

This prayer group has changed my way of thinking which was the best thing for me.  It has opened my eyes to see what was really going on in my life and in others’ lives.  It has taught me to go to my other place when things are too frustrating.  It works!  It has impacted many women in these walls.  I have seen so many changes in some of the women from the time they came to our group.  This prayer group has helped me to listen to God.” – Jessica, inmate at the Wayne County Jail, Georgia

“Bettina is a very centered and loving person who has a talent for being able to lead and then getting her persona out of the way.  Her insights I find to be most helpful and on point.” – Tricia Schachtel, St Petersburg, Florida

“Bettina Schuller saved my life.  It is my relationship with God that gave me a reason to live when my son Frederick John Cox died in the World Trade Center on 9-11.  As a retreat and prayer group leader, Bettina is intelligent, capable and always prepared.  But Bettina’s true strength is her inner light, and as she moves closer to God, like a magnet, I have been drawn with her on a shared journey.  I have made life-long friends at her retreats, attended the centering prayer group she initiated at church and use centering prayer every day. Bettina has blessed us all in this noisy world by reminding us that the peace of God comes to a quiet mind.”  – Ann Douglas, Founder, Betta Place, Inc., Bear Island, New Hampshire