Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction or “Where is God in the experience of my life?”

Spiritual Direction is a ministry in almost every faith tradition and has been a ministry in the Christian Church since its beginning. People have always sought out the connection with a spiritual friend/companion to talk about their relationship with the Divine.  Spiritual Direction is also called spiritual guidance or soul friendship.  This spiritual relationship encourages the seeker to explore a closer relationship with the Divine, God, in daily life.   If you would like to reflect on the experiences of your life and God’s presence in these experiences, integrate spirituality into daily life, discern God’s will or deepen your prayer life, you would benefit greatly by meeting with a spiritual director.

As a certified spiritual director I am trained in contemplative listening and journey with you as you tell your sacred story and deepen your relationship with God.  This spiritual relationship takes place in the context of confidential one-on-one meetings once or twice a month and my prayers will accompany you throughout each day.

If you would like to learn more about spiritual direction and receive spiritual direction, please contact me.  I am looking forward to listening to you with an open heart and mind.

Voices about my work as a spiritual companion:
“My time spent with Bettina has been so rewarding. She has gently led me by the hand as, together, we reveal the layers of false self, allowing the inner Christ-self to grow and develop into my True Self. Bettina’s spiritual direction has been moving to my soul and as important as breathing is to my body. What a beautiful, life-changing experience.” –Gina, St Petersburg, Florida

“Spiritual direction is often referred to as “soul friendship” and that is exactly what I found during my time as a directee under Bettina’s spiritual direction leadership.  She cared about me, about my relationship with the Creator and the Created, and about our working relationship as directee/director.  Her ability to listen and to hear both what I was saying, and what I wasn’t, enabled me to share openly about my life’s journey.  My spiritual and emotional growth during my time working with Bettina is immeasurable and my life is changed because of it.” -Sherry, St. Petersburg, Florida

“It has been wonderful to meet with Bettina once a month.  She has helped me to understand that God works in all facets of my life and not just the positive ones. Bettina asked me the most important question anyone has ever asked me about my life:  Where is God in this experience, Nancy?  This question has changed my outlook on life and has helped me to see everything in a different light.  My life has not changed, but I am looking at it with the eyes of someone who can see the love and light that surrounds me.  I have changed, I am a happier person and therefore my life is happier!” -Nancy, Jesup, Georgia

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