About Me

Let me share a few pivotal moments in my life that showed me the way to my inner stillness and deepest joy in life—leading spiritual retreats and accompanying people on their spiritual journeys.

IMG_8365I was about five years old and sat with my grandmother in the courtyard of my childhood home in Hameln, Germany.  I remember very consciously trying not to think.  But as soon as I succeeded and I thought, “Yes, I can do it,” I realized I had just thought again.  This was my first experience of practicing inner stillness and Centering Prayer.  My grandmother and I sat often in the courtyard of our house when I came home from school, enjoying silence together and practicing Centering Prayer.

At the age of six, on my first day of school, I went up to my teacher and asked her what I had to do to become a teacher.  I knew that day my vocation was to become a teacher.

When I was about thirty years old, with an MA in special education from the University of Bremen, Germany, I recognized that I was called to be a “healing teacher.”  It was a clear message from a deep place within and an undeniable truth.  I had always had a gift of knowing what was going on in people and intuitively being able to help them.  After years of preparing through prayer and meditation, I now use this gift in my life and work.

After I had moved to the United States, I furthered my education and studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass. I also became a certified spiritual director and teacher of Centering Prayer in the years that followed.  Along with a BA in physical education and 20 years of yoga practice, I am well equipped to include body movement and body prayer in my work.

I now live in St Petersburg, Florida where I work as a lifelong learning coordinator, spiritual director and group leader for Centering Prayer.  I lead retreats in the United States and Canada.