This is Living!




This Is Living! Practicing the Presence of God: A Prayer and Meditation Guide for Daily Life Paperback – November 19, 2017

by Bettina Schuller

ISBN-13 978-1976460562

If you have ever wanted to feel connected to God in everything you do but don’t know how, This is Living! is the book for you!

Offering 40 meditations and prayers, this book goes beyond the theoretical and theological into the practical. It is about experiencing the Divine moment by moment in ourselves and other living beings and while we are living our day-to-day life. This is Living! is about experiencing the extraordinary in the ordinary, the Holy in the midst of life.

The combination of history, neurological research and spirituality in the first part offers a multifaceted and approachable guide to living in the present moment. The author, who was inspired by Brother Lawrence’s 17th century teachings on “practicing the presence of God,” has shaped his core message for our 21st century world.

The second part provides Breath Prayers, Body Prayers and Daily Awareness Prayers that will keep you connected during situations you encounter every day. “Turning on the Light” will remind you that you are the light of the world, “Opening a Door” will invite you to open your inner door to love, and “Waiting in Line” will breathe new life into a mundane, potentially frustrating chore. These are just three of 40 meditations and prayers to stay present with God.

This is Living! provides spiritual guidance and deep self-healing for everyone on a spiritual path. Whether you call it “mindfulness,” the “power of now” or “practicing the presence of God,” you will learn to stay in the present moment where God and Life happen! This is Living! creates a rare energy where skeptics, nonbelievers and the unaffiliated are welcomed with the same generosity of spirit as the most devout Christians.

Amazon Customer reviews:

This is Living! adds a significant dimension to the spiritual practices of prayer and meditation. Her own life experiences witness to the depth and vitality of advocacy for a renewed search for God’s presence. Readers struggling with tough issues will find much aid in this “down-to-earth” approach of “Breath Prayers” and “Daily Awareness Prayers.” Thanks to Bettina for the simplicity of this profundity. -Rev Dr. Robert A. Coughenour

Ms Schuller draws on supportive Christian beliefs without a heavy hand, and she encourages surprising ourselves with so much that is otherwise unconscious in the rhythms of daily life. The book’s suggestions and her 40 lovely, fresh prayers can open a perspective on each day that is welcome and inspiring. We all need to breathe easier amongst one another, and This is Living helps a lot. -Dr George Meese

Here is a book you can share with confidence with friends who want to develop a deeper prayer life. Schuller clearly speaks from a platform of someone who is nurtured by both an active practice of the discipline of Centering prayer and guiding others as a spiritual director. She does an excellent job of explaining how to engage in the prayer of silence in clear, direct language. She also makes herself vulnerable by sharing some of her own personal journey. The second part of the book shares a variety of breath prayers that will further deepen your prayer journey.                                                                                                                                                                  The best part of this book is that a novice can take it and be guided through how to engage in prayer but the experienced practitioner will both have his or her insights affirmed and learn some new aspects that will enrich their experience of prayer. This is a book you will not want to leave on the shelf. -Rev Stephen McCutchan 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It helped me to get away from my usual left brained way of thinking … organizing, planning, preparing for the next thing on my agenda. I couldn’t even speed read through the book because of the praying pauses. I plan to keep the book nearby and reread the various prayers of presence as they are needed. -Tallulah Taylor

From the moment I began reading “This is Living” and every time since, a gentle peace has fallen upon and within me. Maybe it has to do with the gentle spirit of the author but I find myself actually savoring each page and purposely not rushing through it. I told my husband there’s something very special about this book. Its’ wisdom and guidance is speaking directly to my soul and making it smile. Thank you for this blessing. -Tomey Trevathan