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Spiritual Direction



God wants you where your deep joy meets the deep hunger of the world.
—Frederick Buechner

I am glad you are here— in this world and on this site! This is a place where you are seen as who you are: a beautiful child of God. You are here to serve the world with the gifts God has only given to you, and to enjoy the blessings of this beautiful life. I am here to help you deepen your relationship with God, bring calm and peace into your prayer/life and explore the gifts God has given you. Let us join in our spiritual journey and bring God’s Joy into this world!

Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God! —Teilhard de Chardin

Praying Pause

~ Become aware of your breathing… take a few gentle breaths and rest in your breathing…

~ Breathe deeply and meditate a moment on the question: What brings me joy?

You just experienced what brings me joy: helping spiritual seekers live in the presence of God and find quiet within.

I offer spiritual direction, retreats, and prayers. Together, God, you and I will find where your joy connects with the needs of the world. Let us discover God’s yearning for you and transform your life into unknown joy and peace!

You have come far in your journey, experienced hardships and challenges, and have made it through with God’s Grace. It is now time to take care of yourself, fill your cup, and give yourself the gift of inner peace. You have so much to give to the world and there is no better time than NOW!

Praying Pause

~ Rest in your breathing for a moment… Your mind might want to go on reading but allow yourself some rest and come into the present moment… 

~ Look up from the screen and look at your surroundings… Choose a favorite painting, object or plant, and look at it with no agenda… Let the beauty of it touch your soul for a while… 

~ Feel God’s presence in the “here and now” and the place you are in… It is holy ground because God is in it and you are in God… Feel God’s Joy!

Welcome to my offers of spiritual direction, retreats and prayers!

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I have had the privilege of being part of multiple retreats led by Bettina Schuller. Each one has had a profound positive impact on my spiritual growth! I have enjoyed each retreat and I eagerly watch my email for the next opportunity under her leadership. I find Bettina to be very much in tune with the Holy Spirit with a leadership style that is always informative, compassionate, gentle and fun.  Her relaxed, confident manner is soothing and she models dependence on and staying in the flow of the Holy Spirit’s guidance!” – Sherry L. Somerville, Brunswick, Georgia

“Bettina Schuller manifests the spirit of peace and compassion that is at the heart of the contemplative endeavor. She has been an inspiration to me and to a number of my friends and family.  I found Bettina a highly competent leader, one able to help people new to contemplative practice get established in it, as well as able to help more mature practitioners deepen and broaden their spiritual lives. As a long-time meditator and frequent retreat attendee, I was greatly impressed with Bettina’s capacity to create a warm, quiet, supportive atmosphere with well-designed activities that helped us all feel comfortable with going deep within and sharing intense experiences. She is truly a wonderful human being and I highly recommend her spiritual leadership.” – John Eden, Jesup, Georgia

Spiritual Direction –

“Where is God in the experience of my life?”

Spiritual Direction/Companionship

“Where is God in the experience of my life?” is the most important question in a spiritual direction relationship.

Retreats –

Living a Joyful Contemplative Life

The contemplative life is found in an awareness of the sacredness of each moment.  If we are always thinking about the past or worrying about the future, we are missing out on life!  Practicing the Presence of God, we learn to be in the moment, experiencing the Divine, God, in every moment.